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DUI And Controlled Substances

DUI/DWI is most often associated with drinking and driving.  However, a person can be charged if they are under the influence of a controlled substance as well. It doesn’t matter if the controlled substance caused impairment or not; if it is in the body, a person can be charged. I. When this happens, you need the representation of a skilled lawyer every step of the way

Fighting DWI Penalties

The penalties for driving under the influence of controlled substances is identical to those imposed for driving under the influence of alcohol. The penalties can involve lengthy jail time and probationary periods, vehicle forfeiture, large fines, and license revocation.

License revocation periods for driving under the influence of controlled substances and alcohol are identical as well. A first offense can result in a 90-day revocation, a second offense results in a one-year revocation, and a third or subsequent offense results in a 3-, 4-, or 6-year cancellation, depending on the number of prior offenses.

Contact A DUI Lawyer In Minneapolis

Being charged with DUI as a result of being under the influence of drugs is as serious as being under the influence of alcohol. Carson J. Heefner has over 20 years of experience representing people charged with these offenses. He is a graduate of the National College for DUI Defense, which is an intensive training seminar for people who defend those accused of DWI/DUI. If you or anyone you know has been charged with DWI/DUI, contact Carson at  612-202-8971 or for a free consultation.