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What To Do If Arrested For DUI/DWI?

Minnesota DWI/DUI Lawyer

If you are pulled over and/or arrested for a DWI/DUI, there are some very important things you need to know. The first thing is to call an experienced criminal defense lawyer to guide you through the process. However, the following are some general tips to keep in mind.

Steps To Take When Pulled Over

Here are the steps you can take when pulled over for DWI/DUI in Minnesota:

  • Pull over in a safe place. This is a decision that can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. The officer will note how you pull over. If you’re driving erratically or you are too abrupt, the officer will note it in their report.
  • Make no sudden movements. Police officers are trained to be on guard, so move slowly, keep your hands in clear view, and do what the officer says.
  • Be polite to the officer. Being polite means you are less likely to be arrested. If you’re rude or hostile, the situation can get out of hand. Poor or combative behavior will be noted in the police report. You don’t have to answer the officer’s questions without talking to your DUI defense attorney in Minneapolis first. You can politely remind the officer of this fact.
  • You have a right to refuse a field sobriety tests.  An officer will undoubtedly ask you to perform certain tests on the side of the road:  walk the line, stand on one foot, recite the alphabet are just a few.  These are divided attention tasks, designed for you to fail.  So, p0litely decline to participate.  If an officer requests that you take a PBT (Portable Breath Test) and you refuse, Minnesota law dictates that probable cause has been established for your arrest.  As such, comply with a request for a PBT sample.
  • During the Implied Consent Process, the arresting officer will ask if you want to speak with an attorney prior to making a decision about testing.  Exercise this right.
  • After you have submitted to the state’s test, request the opportunity to obtain your own independent blood or urine sample.  An officer must provide you with a telephone and telephone book to assist you in making those arrangements. This is important for two reasons.  First, an experience defense lawyer can take advantage of any discrepancies between the two tests.  Second, if an officer refuses to provide you with a telephone so  you can make those arrangements, an experienced defense lawyer may be able to get the state’s test suppressed.

Steps To Take When Arrested

When arrested, it is very simple:

  • Don’t say anything that could self-incriminate you in any way. Anything you say can and will be used against you.
  • Call Carson J. Heefner immediately at 612-202-8971. Always contact an attorney first.

After Released

After you are released, make note of everything that you can remember. Write down:

  • What you were doing before you drove
  • What you were doing while you were driving
  • How much you had to drink if any
  • What occurred during your interaction with the officer
  • What happened throughout the entire process
  • Were you read your Miranda Rights?
  • How long had it been since you drank that you were asked to submit to chemical testing?

Even if something doesn’t strike you as relevant, write it down anyway. You never know when the smallest detail will be useful. Carson J. Heefner will use these details to build a strong case for you. This may include negotiating a lesser charge, dismissal, or taking your case to trial.

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