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Charged With A Crime? Free Initial Consultation

Carson provides free initial consultations for any prospective client. He will sit down with you and discuss the facts of the case; he’ll review whatever reports you have, and will listen to your explanation of what happened. Carson will give you a general overview of the criminal justice system, and the specific charges that you face. He will explain how he would handle the case if hired, including any defenses you may have.

In addition, Carson will provide you with certain tasks to complete that will aid in your defense. Even if you don’t hire Carson, those tasks will assist any lawyer in defending you. Most important, Carson will be honest with you. He will tell you if you have a case worth fighting, or whether it is a case that is better suited for a plea bargain. You will leave the initial consultation armed with valuable information that you can use in making an informed decision about who to hire to represent you.

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