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Do I Need A Lawyer To Appeal A Case?

You don’t need an attorney to file an appeal. However, it is highly recommended because of the complexity of the process.

The procedure and the rules are complicated. There is a lot of detail involved. If an appeal is filed without every necessary step followed precisely, the appeal process can fail. There are also deadlines. Missing a deadline can stop an appeal in its tracks. The Court of Appeals is nothing like the District Court, as the District Court can be more lenient with time frames and procedures. Nonetheless, Carson Heefner is a highly experienced MN appeals lawyer who will ensure your case moves as smoothly as possible.

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Carson J. Heefner has over 20 years experience practicing before the Minnesota appellate courts.  He has handled over 60 cases to the Minnesota Court of Appeals, and has argued 2 cases before the Minnesota Supreme Court. If you or someone you know needs to appeal a conviction and/or sentence, contact Carson at 612-202-8971  or to schedule a free consultation.