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Minneapolis Assault Lawyer & Attorney

Often, people believe that assault can only be charged if they physically touch someone in a violent way. This is not true in Minnesota. Not only can someone be charged with assault for committing the physical act, but they can be charged with assault for causing another person to be in fear for their life or safety. This can be done through either words or action.

Minn. Stat. 609.02 defines assault as an act done with the intent to cause fear in another of immediate bodily harm or death; or the intent to inflict or the intentional infliction of bodily harm upon another. When faced with this accusation, you need a Minnesota assault defense attorney representing you.

Assault accusations can happen quite easily.  Imagine that you are having an argument with a person, and you hit them  Unless you have a self-defense argument, it is easy to see how an assault charge can be brought.  The scenario becomes more complicated when a threat is made instead of a physical strike, or when words are used in such a way as to cause a person to believe a threat will be acted upon.  In those scenarios, it is possible for an assault charge to be filed as well.

Aggressive Defense Against Assault Charges

Carson J. Heefner is a criminal defense lawyer who has handled a wide range of assault cases in Minnesota. He knows the law and is not intimidated by prosecutors or judges. Carson can help investigate your case, and prepare a solid defense against the charges. He is experienced in not only negotiating favorable plea agreements, but in taking assault cases to trial. Although self-defense is a difficult defense to mount, Carson has successfully raised this defense during the course of his career. In addition, Carson has successfully resolved numerous assault charges with a reduction to disorderly conduct, or a Stay of Adjudication which ultimately results in no conviction appear in on someone’s record.

Representation You Can Trust

No matter why you have been charged, an experienced defense lawyer can properly evaluate the case, investigate the facts, and formulate the best defense. Oftentimes, the facts allow effective negotiation of a plea agreement rather than going to trial. If the case goes to trial, then you will have an experienced Minneapolis assault defense attorney ready to fight.

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Carson J Heefner has over 20 years experience representing individuals charged with assault crimes in Minnesota.  For a free consultation, please contact Carson at 612-202-8971 or, to schedule a free consultation.