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Burglary is a serious offense in the State of Minnesota. The definition of burglary is:  The entering of a building without consent and with the intent to commit a crime, or the entering of a building without consent and a crime is committed while inside.  This offense can be either a Felony or a Gross Misdemeanor, depending on a variety of factors.

Fighting Burglary Charges

The most common way to be charged with burglary is if someone breaks into a home or businesss and steals something.  But, burglary can be charged for far less obvious reasons.  Imagine you are out with friends, have a little too much to drink, and decide to visit a significant other who lives with their parents. You notice an unlocked service door, and enter the garage without permission. You see a bicycle and decide it will get you home quicker, so you take it with the intention of “borrowing it.” Unfortunately, you have technically committed a burglary.  You entered a home without the owners consent, and you took something that did not belong to you.  This behavior can lead to criminal burglary charges against you.

Levels of Burglary

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