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Detox Release

Minnesota Detox Release Attorney

Often times, people are confronted by police after consuming too much alcohol or controlled substances. If a police officer believes someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and are a danger to themselves or others, they will be taken to Detox instead of jail.  There are ways to bet people released from Detox, and Carson J. Heefner has over 20 years experience in this area

Fighting Against Detox Holds

It isn’t uncommon for a person to be placed on a 48- to 72-hour hold in Detox. This means that they can’t leave the facility, even if they are sober. The hold must expire, which can cause a great hardship for the person in Detox. For instance, they may have a job they have to get back to, or they are a single parent who needs to take care of their children. There are even situations where a person may be scheduled to appear in court, yet are unable to appear due to the Detox hold.

Most people believe that they are no options available to them. They think there is no ability to be released before the hold period expires. With an experienced criminal defense lawyer, Detox release can be achieved.

Knowledge Of The Legal Process

Carson J. Heefner has the experience and knowledge to help achieve a Detox release. The mechanism used to achieve this is called a “Writ of Habeas Corpus.” This is a petition that a lawyer presents to a judge, essentially arguing that the government is unlawfully holding his or her client. When a judge signs the Writ, the individual must be released from Detox immediately.

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