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Malicious Punishment Of A Child

Minneapolis Domestic Assault Lawyer

Malicious punishment of a child occurs when a legal guardian, parent, or caretaker uses unreasonable force or cruel discipline that is considered excessive. This offense is a Gross Misdemeanor, with a maximum penalty of 1 year in jail and a $3,000 fine. If you have been accused of malicious punishment of a child, you need an experienced Minnesota domestic violence attorney representing you.

Fighting Malicious Punishment Charges

Although this offense is Gross Misdemeanor, it can be enhanced to a Felony if there is a prior conviction within the past 5 years. Even if it is a first offense, the charge can be a Felony if the child sustained substantial bodily harm. See: Minn.Stat. 609.377

Malicious punishment of a child can be difficult to prove. Every family and culture has its own view on what constitutes appropriate punishment for a child when they misbehave. What is considered normal in one culture may be considered abusive in another.As a result of the subjective nature and the divergent views on what is considered malicious, these cases can be negotiated or the charges dismissed.

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