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Minnesota Drug Laws

Minnesota has very strict laws that address illegal and legal drugs, or controlled substances. Controlled substances are listed on the Controlled Substance Schedule, and range from Schedule I to Schedule V.  Some of the most common controlled substance charges include: cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, narcotics, illegally possessed prescription drugs, hallucinogens, large amounts of marijuana, and even synthetic drugs. If you have been charged with possessing, selling, or cultivating illegal drugs, you need an experienced MN drug crimes defense attorney representing you.

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Possession of drug paraphernalia is a petty misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of $300 in fines. Paraphernalia can include pipes, bongs, scales, baggies, needles, and other things.

Simply possessing a small amount of marijuana is a petty misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of $300 in fines. This charge applies when a person is in possession of 42 grams or less. The charge is upgraded to a misdemeanor if the marijuana is found in a motor vehicle.

Drug Crime Sentencing

  • First Degree.  This carries a mandatory sentence of 65 months in prison for any drug other than heroine, even without a prior conviction. The mandatory punishment for First Degree possession or sale of heroine is 86 months in prison, even without a prior conviction.
  • Second Degree.  This carries a mandatory stayed sentence of 48 months in prison for a first offense.
  • Third Degree. This carries a mandatory stayed sentence of 21 months in prison for a first offense
  • Fourth Degree.  This carries a mandatory stayed sentence of a year and a day.
  • Fifth Degree.  If charged as a felony, the maximum sentence is one year and a day, and the sentence is stayed if it is your first offense.  If it is a Gross Misdemeanor, the maximum sentence is 1 year in jail or a $3,000 fine, and is normally resolved without any jail time.

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